About Us

I started making bullets in 1990. These were live bullets that were made for training and for police use (high precision bullets). Quality has always been a must for all my products.

In June 2018, I was asked to make some dummy bullets for a cosplayer. Just the same, the end product had to be as perfect as possible. I always place myself as if I was buying the item, and I am very difficult to please. If it pleases me, it is good. If not, it gets rejected. As all my dummy bullets are hand made one by one, they all get inspected many times over. Most bullets are made from “once fired” casings. If not, then they are made with brand new, never fired casings. Being made with a brand new casing or one that has been used once, both items will look like new in your hands.

I am proud to say that many of my bullets are being used by some movie producers, big and small like: Warner Brothers Studios (USA), Electric Motion Pictures (Canada), Fire Films (Australia), and more...

I like to give all support a customer may need, being for a cosplayer or a movie producer, no matter the size of the project. I can work closely with any customer to create or make the perfect bullets for his needs and/or vision.

Your satisfaction is 100% garanteed.